SIBO Diet Masterclass


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Stop wondering what to eat and start feeling better. In this class, Dr. Allison Siebecker explains how to treat SIBO and prevent a relapse.

Using Diet To Treat & Prevent SIBO Relapse

In this class Dr. Allison Siebecker explains the most popular diets for SIBO: what they are, why they work, and how to follow them. Learn how to pair diet with other treatments for SIBO and if diet is a long-term solution for SIBO or just a band-aid. You’ll stop wondering what to eat and start feeling better. You’ll learn…

  • What the different SIBO diets require and how to choose the right one for you
  • The science behind why diet is so effective at helping relieve SIBO symptoms (and the truth about using it as a long-term solution)
  • How to combine diet with an anti-microbial treatment
  • Why the low-FODMAP, SCD, and GAPS diet don’t work for most people (and what to do to make them work for you)
  • And more!



  1. Ann

    Information is very valuable, especially visuals. Dr. Siebecker, very open and down to earth, generous with her knowledge.

  2. Laurie Hall

    Thank you again Dr. Siebecker!!! And Shivan! This has been gold!!!! I will tune in to more with you both!

  3. Kelly Ann

    Dr. Siebecker, your outreach of information to people like me with SIBO is pivotal to my health care. I live three hours from Portland which is too far to get care, plus the doctors there are too expensive for me. So having your classes and even answer to my specific questions, is imperative.

  4. Betty

    What you and Dr. Siebecker do is SO magnificent! People would be wandering in a dark forest if you weren’t supplying the light!! Love you both SO much!!

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