Using Prokinetics for SIBO Treatment & Prevention


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Get clear on what prokinetics are and what they’re not. (If you think they’re a laxative, you’re not alone.) How and why you can use prokinetics (no matter what your symptoms are).

Using Prokinetics for SIBO Treatment & Prevention

Prokinetics are a very helpful class of medicine with both natural and pharmaceutical options, that many practitioners weren’t trained in, and many patients aren’t offered. While they are an essential (and often underutilized) part of SIBO treatment, did you know that prokinetics are used for many other diseases that affect digestion as well as symptomatic relief for multiple digestive symptoms such as acid reflux, nausea, bloating and constipation? Join Dr. Siebecker, one of the top SIBO specialists in the world, as she shares how this underutilized class of drugs and formulas help relieve digestive symptoms.



  1. Ann

    Information very valuable, especially visuals Dr. Siebecker, very open and down to earth, generous with her knowledge.

  2. Betty

    What you and Dr. Siebecker do is SO magnificent! People would be wandering in a dark forest if you weren’t supplying the light!! Love you both SO much!!

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