The Overlooked Link Between Digestive Disorders and SIBO


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Can PPIs cause SIBO? Dr. Sandberg-Lewis’ perspective may totally shock you.

The Overlooked Link Between Digestive Disorders and SIBO

Learn how SIBO is related to other digestive issues like acid reflux and why gallbladder, liver, and pancreatic health are critical to healing SIBO. Overlooking these issues could be the reason your SIBO won’t resolve. A must-see for anyone with SIBO and other chronic health and digestive issues.



  1. Anne

    I am a super fan of yours and all you are doing for the SIBO movement. I have just purchased the masterclasses and can’t wait to hear more about them as I am a functional medicine and nutrition practitioner and see many patients with SIBO. Thanks so much!

  2. Amanda

    Thanks for once again finding a great doctor to disseminate information to those of us who haven’t found good doctors to work with – it’s really appreciated!

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