2 Masterclasses: MCAS and Long COVID with Dr. Hill and Dr. Weinstock


The two hot topics we will be discussing are MCAS with Dr. Hill and Long COVID with Dr. Weinstock. These Masterclasses are a must-see for anyone with stubborn or chronic SIBO, IMO, IBS, or other health issues.

—> Sign up for both Masterclasses HERE ($59 each or $77 for both)

If you’re a longtime SIBO SOS® follower, I’m sure you’re already cheering – but if you’re new, let me explain what this means.

Masterclasses are part of the DNA of SIBO SOS®! In these ultra-focused, 3-hour session, an expert doctor teaches on their area of expertise in SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in a one-time only, custom-created class just for the SIBO SOS® community.

The presentation is followed by 2 hours of LIVE Q&A with you (the audience!) and the doctor.

Masterclasses are the best way to go DEEP on any topic related to SIBO and IBS, helping you take learning and turn it into thinking. Get the information you need and take your next steps forward. (And because these are ultra-focused, topic-specific classes… it’s like skipping straight ahead to the “good stuff” – the information you don’t yet have.)

While I’ve hosted many Masterclasses in the past (and you can check them all out here) – these are the first new Masterclasses we’ve done in a while, I couldn’t be more excited about the topics and the speakers…

First, on March 5th, Dr. Anne Hill, ND will be teaching Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: The Silent Issue Keeping You Chronically Ill & How to Regain Your Health


  • What is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?
  • How do you get a diagnosis of MCAS and what provider should you see to help you with this?
  • How to approach treatment if you have mast cell activation syndrome and what medications and supplements can you take?
  • How does Mast cell activation syndrome relate to mold illness, chronic lyme disease, traumatic brain injury and Covid-19What a biofilm is, why it develops, and how it behaves in the body – including preventing treatments like antibiotics from doing their job
  • …and more!

Dr. Anne Hill is a practicing herbalist and craniosacral therapist since 1994. She has been an Oregon licensed naturopathic physician since 2003 and has trained in the traditional eastern Indian medicine, Ayurveda, which she incorporates into patient care. Dr. Hill has a private practice in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in general family practice, environmental medicine, endocrinology, and chronic infectious disease.

—> Sign up for the Masterclasses HERE ($59 each or $77 for both)

Then, on March 29th, Dr. Leonard Weinstock, MD will be teaching, Long CoVID – Potential Causes, GI Links & Treatments 


  • Defining Long COVID (LC)
  • Sorting out a multi-systemic syndrome (what are the GI manifestations?)
  • Understanding inflammatory pathways (acute and chronic)
  • Treating LC based on pathophysiology
  • …and more!

Dr. Weinstock is Board Certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine, and is president of Specialists in Gastroenterology and the Advanced Endoscopy Center. He is an investigator at the Sundance Research Center and the Clinical Research Practice and has participated in many independent and pharmaceutical research studies.



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