How Your Gallbladder Controls The Hidden Hormone System In Your Gut


Discover the healing power of the bile in your gut!

Bile is the un-sung hero of your gut:

  • Discover how bile can help reduce the risk of C. diff (Clostridium difficile enterocolitis)
  • Learn how bile plays an essential role in the effectiveness of Rifaximin (and why Rifaximin won’t work without adequate bile)
  • Understand how bile and a well functioning liver help to control your blood sugar and prevent type 2 diabetes
  • Learn how bile and bacteria influence the balance of sex and adrenal hormones



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    Sending love to you both for all you do!! Again, you bring so many amazing speakers and each one we learn something new. The fact that you have started a revolution for other areas of illness to do the same is amazing! These help more than you will ever know so thank you again for all you both do helping us all! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Workshop Participant

    Loved every minute of this one! so much information that was new for me and to keep on trucking!

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    You have the ability to ask questions that relate to your own health challenges and get answers from the expert herself!

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    Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU! The answers to my questions really help.

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