IBD and SIBO The Thyroid, MMC, SIBO Connection: What to Test and How To Treat It


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Learn about the important connection between the thyroid and the Migrating Motor Complex.

Essential for anyone with SIBO and symptoms of hormone imbalance.

What seem like unrelated conditions – sensitivity to cold, depression, fatigue – can actually be signs of a hormone imbalance that is preventing you from recovering from SIBO. Learn how to find out if you have hormone problems and how to treat them.



  1. Renee

    A MILLION THANKS!!! Words just can’t convey how very much I appreciate everything you and your staff do to help us get answers from knowledgeable sources. It is absolutely invaluable to get the opinions of these extraordinary physicians!

  2. Masterclass participant

    This was such an amazing presentation. Your intellectual curiosity and thoughtfulness were incredible!!!

  3. Masterclass participant

    We need all the information provided to us to make informed decisions about our treatment as this is one of the most complicated diseases which needs individual medical attention which Drs. often can not sufficiently provide.

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