HEAL SIBO, REPAIR & RESTORE YOUR GUT Masterclasses with Dr. Ilana Gurevich


What you will get

Part 1: SIBO Integrative and Diagnostic Testing Masterclass and Q&A
Part 2: Rebuilding the Digestive System Masterclass and Q&A
Part 3: Heal SIBO, Repair and Restore Your Gut Masterclass and Q&A
Bonus: SIBO Breath Testing with Gary Stapleton Masterclass and Q&A


  1. Ron

    I listen to a bit of it today and “Ilana Gurevich” is absolutely amazing. She goes through so many layers and specific test to analyze all the Markers that could determine the causes and symptoms and the approach to treatment. She is in Portland but she does Telemedicine have listen to a lot of good ND doctors but her knowledge of the gut microbiome was mind-blowing…

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