What Every SIBO Patient Needs To Know About Their Microbiome And Probiotics


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Learn the truth about SIBO and probiotics.

Probiotics Demystified

Probiotics can be an expensive pitfall in the treatment of SIBO or a powerful tool for healing. The key to finding the right probiotic for you is understanding how probiotics work and the world in which they exist: your microbiome. Dr. Hawrelak has spent the last 18 years studying probiotics and the gut microbiota. His passion is teaching people about the power of probiotics – and how we can use them to transform our health.



  1. Jennifer

    I just want to thank you for your perseverance and determination to answer every last question we suffers have. You have done it in such an accessible way. I first got SIBO in 2015 and lived a hell before I began to find your resources. Thank you!!!!!

  2. Rachna

    Loved this masterclass – one of the best I’ve attended! Gained so much new information. I’m definitely doing the Ubiome test and taking his course. Thank you, Dr. Hawrelak.

  3. Diane

    WOW – love what you know and do…….Can’t wait to re-listen and would love to become a patient. Thank you for taking so much time for everyone.

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