Digestion SOS® Documentary Series


Get Rescue & Relief From IBS, SIBO, & Leaky Gut! Heal Your Gut & Get Your Life Back

Own the Entire 9-Part Digestion SOS™ Documentary Series Plus:

  • 70+ Exclusive Full-Length Director’s Cut Interviews with Transcripts
  • Complete Transcripts of All Episodes
  • SPECIAL BONUS 10th Episode + Transcript
  • Exclusive Bonuses & Gifts…



  1. Whit

    I learned so much watching this docuseries! I’ve been able to implement so many amazing recommendations, and I’m already feeling so much better. Thank you!

  2. Debra

    Thank you very much for the SIBO library access being available whenever I need it. I am finding that in my 2 1/2 year education/treatment of SIBO, I continue to go back as I need to learn for my current stage. It looks like mine will be an ongoing process. I recently rediscovered the Digestive SOS Documentary Series Early Bonuses. What gems of information! This is me with one of my grandchildren and yes, you may use my first name and testimonial if you wish.

  3. Sandy

    They are excellent. I am addicted to the series. Thank you so much for sharing all this valuable information straight from the experts. I am learning so much. Fabulous job!!!

  4. Minoka

    This docuseries has been awe inspiring! So much great information. I finally have some hope for getting answers!

  5. Sylvia

    I am overwhelmed with all the great information. I finally feel empowered to look beyond the care I’m getting right now. Thank you very much!!!

  6. Joan

    Thank you Shivan for shining a light on the trees, bushes, grasses and fallen logs so that we see them as we stumble through this dark dark forest trying to find the path to Save Our Selves.

  7. Carleen

    It’s great, Shivan! Just as I expected. That is why I bought it on the first day, sight unseen. That is how much confidence I have in you!

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