SIBO Diet Updates: New Action Plans Plus The Fast Tract Diet


ake a deep dive into the pros and cons of multiple dietary approaches to treating the symptoms of SIBO, IBS, and leaky gut, plus what the newest research-backed approaches.

Are you confused about what you should or shouldn’t be eating if you have IBS, SIBO, or other digestive issues?

You’re not the only one!

There are hundreds of opinions about what you should and shouldn’t eat if you have SIBO, IBS, or other digestive issues… but only 3 things really matter!



  1. Amanda

    Thanks for once again finding a great doctor to disseminate information to those of us who haven’t found good doctors to work with – it’s really appreciated!

  2. Janet

    Thank you for an excellent webinar today and for going above and beyond with the handouts and extra Q&A time.

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