Hydrogen Sulfide Plus Low-Sulphur Diet for SIBO Masterclass


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How hydrogen sulfide is foundational to all SIBO (methane or hydrogen dominant), and learn why a low sulfur protocol may be able to help your SIBO.

Hydrogen Sulfide: A New Kind of SIBO

What does it mean if you get a flatline on a SIBO breath test? Are you in the clear – or do you have a type of bacteria overgrowth that isn’t yet detectable by today’s SIBO tests? Learn what hydrogen sulfide SIBO is, and what having it might mean – plus actionable tips for treatment.

Plus BONUS Masterclass: Low-Sulphur Diet for SIBO Success and Q&A with Maria Zilka



  1. Masterclass participant

    This was such an amazing presentation. Your intellectual curiosity and thoughtfulness were incredible!!!

  2. Masterclass participant

    I think if you think you have SIBO, going to your local gastro may not be beneficial. There is so much new information coming out… this is the place to be in the know.

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