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Instant access to science-backed guides covering testing SIBO/IMO, symptom management for SIBO/IMO/IBS symptoms, preventing relapses, and identifying some surprising root causes.


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When you grab my discounted 7-ebook bundle library, you get access to science-backed guides covering everything from testing for SIBO/IMO, treating and managing symptoms, preventing relapse, to surprising root causes.

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Meet Your Guide, Shivan Sarna

Hi, I’m Shivan, and I’m the Founder of SIBO SOS®. I’m also a SIBO patient myself.

Which means I know what it’s like to live with digestion and gut issues.

And exactly how confusing, overwhelming, and painful it can be. I remember going to doctor after doctor after doctor, searching for answers and relief.

It wasn’t until I learned about SIBO and dove into the latest research that I began to find those answers – and the relief I’d been so desperately seeking. I knew others were suffering just as I had, and I wanted to get this same information out to as many of them as possible.

After finding the answers for myself, I created SIBO SOS® and wrote my book, “Healing SIBO” to get the answers to YOU. In your journey to understand, treat, and manage IBS, SIBO, and other digestive issues, I’m your guide, advocate, support, and shoulder to cry on.

I don’t want you to suffer anymore. The SIBO/IMO/IBS Rescue eBook Bundle has the tools you need to make getting a healthy gut – and real relief – simple.

Shivan Sarna

It's time to get real answers, reduce your confusion and stress, and finally get relief – so you can get your life back.

Most doctors will suggest an over-the-counter remedy for IBS that may give you short-term relief, but doesn't ultimately fix the problem (and may make your symptoms even worse)...
..simply because they don't have the answers to what is actually causing your IBS.

The good news is, there are real answers. And real hope.

Most cases of IBS are caused by SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), which causes imbalances in the microorganisms in your small intestine.

And there are proven, science-backed tests and treatments for SIBO.

The only problem is, many doctors don't have this knowledge unless they're staying on top of the latest research in this specific field.

That's why we put together this ebook bundle – so you can find answers for yourself.

The SIBO/IMO/IBS Rescue eBook Bundle gives you all the information you need to...

eBook Covers - SIBO Rescue eBook Bundle

This bundle is perfect for you if...

The retail value of this bundle is $98, and will save you countless hours of frustration, pain, embarrassment, and discomfort. It will also save you time, energy, and money in your quest to find real answers and solutions.

But, as a thank you for grabbing the "Is This The Real Cause of IBS?" ebook, you can get access to this 7-book bundle for just $7.



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